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stay at home P.A.S.S football skills tests

To keep your football skills in sharp condition while we stay at home send us your videos of each skill test to be posted on the league tables below. Wear your P.A.S.S. kit and show us your skills. 

good luck

the P.A.S.S. team


test 1

Slalom dribbling drill

• 3 cones

• 1 ball

• 1 player

• 30 second challenge

Place cones 3 metres apart in a straight line. Time starts on the first touch of the ball. One point for every cone you go past.

test 1 league table

Jasper E 17 points

Luca S 21.5 points

Rocco S 20.5 points

Ollie O 21.5 points

Leo F 14 points

Josh E 21 points

Oscar J 13 points

Alfie J 18 points

Ronnie FM 18 points

Theo M 21 points

Joe L-R 15.5 points

Tommy M 6 points

Charlie M 18 points

Zach M 14 points

Issa S 16 points

Ronnie S 20 points

Archie J 20 points

Oscar H 13 points

Taylor C 24 points

Sam B 21 points

Henry E 20 points

Jack T 18 points

Kye 17 points

Carson G 16 points

Sam T 19 points

Tom T 21 points

Abbie S 21points

Gavin  W 16 points

Ollie C 10 points

Teddy P 21 points


Bobby P 20 points

Billy W 11 points

Toby B 5 points

Charlie W 16 points

Owen L 21.5 points

Josh H 18 points

Rafaelo H 10 points

Jack H 14 points

George T 18 points

Archie J 20 points

Joe W 18.5 points

Tom W 17.5 points

Jamie H 16 points

Ed W 19 points

Elliot B 17 points

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