test 4

T drill challenge

• 4 cones

• 1 ball

• 1 player

• 30 second challenge

T drill challenge. Place the cones 3 metres apart. Start at the bottom cone of the T. Time starts on the first touch of the ball. You can work either way to start with.


From starting cone, dribble to the central cone, then out to left or right, across to the opposite side, before dribbling back around the central cone then back to the start, then repeat. One point for every cone you pass.

good luck - the P.A.S.S. team

test 4 league table

Jasper E 18 points

George T 18 points

Henry E 20 points

Charlie M 20 points

Henry T 15 points

Joseph LR 20 points

Theo M 18 points

Ed W 18 points

Oscar L 19 points

Bradley L 18 points

Sid W 20 points

Bobby P 22 points

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